School Profile

The Pahranagat Valley was settled in the late 1800’s by ranchers and miners. Small communities were established at Hiko, Crystal Springs, Richardville, and Alamo. Each community had their own small school, grades 1-8, which later combined to become the Alamo Consolidated School District. Some time later, Alamo combined with her sister towns to become part of the Lincoln County School District. Students wishing to further their education beyond the 8th grade level, traveled to Panaca, Nevada, 70 miles distant, where their parents either rented a home or boarded their children with host families while they attended school at Lincoln County High School.

For the 1921-22 school year, a two year program was created in Alamo, and the Pahranagat Valley High School was established. Enrollment at PVHS has varied over the years, but has always remained relatively small. The period of time where enrollment was the highest was during the height of Union Carbide’s tungsten mining operations from 1974-85 at Tempiute, Nevada.

Pahranagat Valley High School currently provides services for 89 students who live in an area with a 70 mile radius. The High School currently employs 11 faculty and 11 other service providers with various job descriptions.

The school not only serves as the center of education, but as a community center for activities and functions as well. The campus is bordered by homes and is just two short blocks from Highway 93. From the rear of the school, across pastures and trees can be seen the stark and rugged mountains to the east, including the beloved “P” mountain that generations of students have climbed and marked with a large white “P” to represent our school and valley. Looking west from the front of the school one can see five miles distant, the Big and Little Box Canyons and beyond them, the steep and timbered slopes of Badger Mountain. The Nevada Test Site begins not far beyond that.

Pahranagat Valley High School has a well established tradition of excellence in both academics and athletics. Alamo is known for its teamwork and enthusiasm. The school foyer is lined with trophies from 70 years of athletic and academic achievements. Lasting memories, traditions, and championships are embedded in the culture of PVHS.

Service is another tradition at PVHS. Each year the students and faculty of PVHS team up with the community to perform service projects such as assembling playground equipment, laying sod, removing weeds and trash, and planting trees and shrubs. Students also volunteer in community productions and spend time working with students at the elementary and middle schools. Parents volunteer many hours working concession stands, acting as chaperones, traveling to games and more in order to help our students have a great high school experience.

At the close of the school year, assemblies are held and students are recognized for their achievements in academics, vocational projects, and athletics. Many of our students go on to attend universities, colleges, or other post-secondary institutions with the help of scholarships and awards received as a result of their efforts and achievements at Pahranagat Valley High School. Our school and community have been well represented by our students after they leave here. Numbered among our alumni are doctors, lawyers, computer scientists and programmers, engineers, CPA’s, biologists, chemists, professors, teachers, business owners, and the list goes on. One can see why we take pride in what PVHS does for our children.